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Meet Darnell

Darnell Caldwell is a Youth and Student Empowerment Speaker and the Author of Gonna Be Success: The Interactive Student Success GuideDarnell grew up just south of Houston, Texas. Some would say that Darnell's neighborhood was located on the wrong side of the tracks. However, he credits his neighborhood for sparking his passion for serving youth and students in the urban context and beyond. He began working with young people nearly 20 years ago. His previous experience includes small group instruction, mentoring, nonprofit, ministry, and more.


Darnell possesses the uncanny ability to quickly build rapport and earn the respect of students from diverse backgrounds. He believes that all students can be successful regardless of situation and circumstance.


Darnell is a proud graduate of Texas Southern University. He is a first generation college graduate and a first generation entrepreneur. He is passionate about empowering students to overcome the obstacle of self limiting belief, develop their mindset, and take ownership of their success.

Darnell and his beautiful wife reside in Dallas, TX and have three beautiful children. 



Motivation Speaker, School Speaker, School Assembly, College Speaker, Student Speaker


Mrs. Thomas - Program Director

Darnell's message was right in line with our mission and the purpose of our event. He was energetic, engaging and inspiring. We were pleased with the message of the day and glad he left such a positive impression on our audience. 

Ms. Johnson - Non-Profit Director

Darnell makes engaging with youth look so easy. He has a magnetic personality that draws young people in effortlessly. His passion for youth to become the best version of themselves is evident.

Mr. Mobley - Teacher

The students loved it they told me beginning of the presentation really got them engaged in it and that they were shocked by it. My expectations were exceeded. 


This session was very inspirational and helped me understand the process of being successful and what it takes to get there.


The message you gave was very inspiring and now I know that I can work towards being what I want to be right now instead of waiting.

TEDx Organizers

...your presentation was extraordinary. It has inspired our team and audience more than you know.

Ms. Pendergraph - Asst. Program Director

Myself, my team as well as our students thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. It gave them a lot of take aways, and definitely inspired many of them in areas they weren't necessarily inspired before. We thank you for SPEAKing to our scholars!

Ms. Rodriguez - Administrator

Darnell's desire to equip the next generation of leaders with the tools necessary to lead. Darnell's energy and passion burst through in his message, leaving a young audience inspired.


Your presentation today reminded me about the importance of setting a vision, making a plan, and executing that plan despite what may be going around me. Thank you 

Mr. Middleton - Educator

Darnell is a phenomenal speaker that seeks to stir his audience towards action. Darnell has a rare mixture of competency and conviction that leaves a memorable experience with his listeners. He is a skilled communicator that can reach groups of any size and background. I would highly recommend booking Darnell for your next engagement.

Student’s individuals like yourself who dedicate their life journey in helping students like me not give up or loose hope. Thank you again for speaking with us at TrioUB. 



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